In June 2019 I discovered the community and movement that is Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE). A community that changed my traditional views on retirement, and made me realise I didn’t have to work until I was 65+ years old.

I soon introduced my husband to the idea and we started our journey then and there, improved our financial literacy, increased our savings rate to 60%, and learnt how to invest (including in ourselves).

Since then we have invested our first 100k in 17 months, and continue to invest regularly. This is our journey to Financial Independence and Retirement on Our Terms.

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Airbnb Update – November 2021

Just a quick update on how our Airbnb renovations are going since our last post in October, how much progress we’ve made, and when we estimate we’ll be live on Airbnb for bookings. For all our Airbnb related posts click here. Eventually, the aim is to turn these posts into more detailed monthly posts aroundContinue reading “Airbnb Update – November 2021”

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