Hi!! We are the family behind the Frank on FIRE blog.

In June 2019 I discovered the community and movement that is Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE). A community that changed my traditional views on retirement, and made me realise I didn’t have to work until I was 65+ years old.

I soon introduced my husband to the idea and we started our journey then and there, improved our financial literacy, increased our savings rate, and learnt how to invest (including in ourselves).

Since then we invested our first 100k in 17 months, and as of February 2022:

  • We have built our fire portfolio outside superannuation to over 400k,
  • Renovated our house so that we can house hack via Airbnb,
  • and we are now working towards semi-retirement in 2023.

That said it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Pursuing financial independence with a family is challenging (and sometimes it feels impossible). So we’ve adjusted our plan along the way, and have spent a lot of time exploring different types of FIRE including Slow FI. If you want to know more about how we’re pursuing financial independence with a family click here.

This blog details our journey to Financial Independence and Retirement on Our Terms.

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