Free Printable – 52 week Investing Challenge Printable

I’m posting this one just in time for the new year. This my investing tracker which I’m using to track our progress towards our investing goals in 2021.

If you liked my other Free Printable called the 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable you are going to like this one.

You will like this one because its the same as the old one with just a few tweaks for an investment focus. I created this tracker for myself as part of my investment strategy. For those who follow me via Instagram you may notice it’s the same one I post online each payday.

If you’ve read my article on goal setting and how to maximise your chances of reaching your goal/s then you will know that tracking your goal will greatly improve your chances of success.

I like to have a physical tracker like this one so I can visualise my progress every time I go to the kitchen (which is a lot). For me it reinforces my path, how I’m going and if I need to make some corrective changes to ensure I reach it.

To use this printable:

  1. Print it out using the download button below (no sign up required).
  2. Write down your investment goal in the space provided.
  3. Divide your investment goal amount by 52 to determine how much each coin will be worth (and how much you need to put away for investing each week). Example : $10000 / 52 = $192.31.
  4. Document the coin value in the space provided.
  5. Place your tracker in a place that you will frequently see (I place mine on the fridge so even the kids know what we our goals are).
  6. Then get colouring and hitting those goals

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