Free Competition Random Winner Generator

I recently held an Instagram competition and built a randomised Competition Winner Generator in Microsoft Excel. I’ve decided to share it with you for your own use for free (no email sign up required – unless you want to follow me).

How to Use the Microsoft Excel – Competition Winner Generator

  1. Ensure that you are running Microsoft Excel 2010 edition or newer.
  2. Ensure that you enable macros when you open the file.
  3. Enter your competition entrants on tab 2 named ‘Entrants’ (Please don’t rename the tab names).
  4. To enter an entrant simply use the button named ‘Add New Row to Table’.
  5. Then to randomly generate your winner simply click on tab 1 named ‘Winner Tab’ and select the button ‘Generate Winner’.
  6. The Winner will then be generated.
  7. Please don’t change the names of the columns on the tab named ‘Entrants’ as this will impact on the macros.
  8. Although you cannot change the names of the tabs or the names of the columns you can alter the colour of the sheet to suit your needs.

As you will likely know I build spreadsheets and other items within Microsoft Excel as part of my day job. I’m also now doing this work in my spare time as a side hustle (link to my Etsy Page here). If you would like something custom build for you feel free to contact me directly, and I would be happy to discuss further.

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