Side Hustle Series – 3 Side Hustle Podcasts you should be listening to

As part of my Side Hustle Series I’m covering off on a different side hustle every week. If you want to go back and read all of the series click here. To mix it up a bit I’ve decided to list my 3 Top Side Hustle Podcasts.  

1.       Side Hustle Pro – By Nicaila Matthews Okome

OMG if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about side hustles, or want to be inspired whilst starting your own side hustle then look no further. Nicaila is an amazing podcaster, and it’s no surprise her podcast was named ‘the perfect entrepreneurship podcast‘ by Mashable. Nicaila is also a TED talk speaker and I encourage you to view her TED Talk here called ‘This is the side hustle revolution’.

So this is my number one for so many reasons but ultimately its because Nicaila has a presence that makes you feel like she is talking to you (and just you). At the end of each episode you will feel inspired, ready to take action, and feel that you have found someone who has your back.


  • Female Focused
  • Telling the stories of amazing black women
  • Focusses on turning your side hustle into your main hustle
  • Longer style episodes  (+ 30 minutes)
  • Large back catalogue to listen to (launched in 2016)
  • Very little advertising (or you won’t notice it at all – well aligned with the podcast)
  • Additional resources available on website

Other comments: 

By all means listen to the Podcast, but take a look at Nicaila’s amazing website Side Hustle Pro. The website has a tonne of awesome FREE resources to help you grow your own side hustle or passion project into a fully fledged business.

Favourite Episode 

231 : How to Decide What Your Side Hustle Should be in 2021 – This is a rewind episode and straight after this one it leads to an awesome Side Hustle Pro Bootcamp podcast episode series.

2.       The Side Hustle Show – By Nick Loper 

This is a podcast I stumbled upon recently following a google search where I found found Nick’s website aptly named Side Hustle Nation. This podcast has quickly become a favourite. To date there are over 434 episodes available in the back catalogue to keep you busy.  


  • Longer style episodes (+ 30 minutes)
  • Large back catalogue to listen to 
  • Diverse side hustle stories from a range of different narratives
  • Case study style of podcasts
  • Additional resources available on website

Other comments: 

Nick also runs the website Side Hustle Nation and I encourage you to take a look at the site to read the blog, and some awesome free resources including the free guide ‘The 5 fastest ways to make more money’. I also really enjoy using the back catalogue feature to find podcast episodes that align with what I’m wanting to learn about (each episode also has an accompanying blog post which offers additional information about the podcast content).

Favourite Episode 

6 Low Start Up Cost Business Ideas from Side Hustle Nation link to blog post and episode via site – (or link to Spotify episode here)

3.       Side Hustle School – By Chris Guillebeau  

Side Hustle School was the first Side Hustle Podcast I found, and I’m still a fan. Chris has a huge back catalogue which is great if you’ve never listened to this podcast before. At the time of publishing this article Chris has published 1529 different episodes on Side Hustles. Each episode focusses on a different side hustle or alternatively a Q&A session on side hustles (from listeners).  

Chris also runs a website named Side Hustle School which contains a number of free resources, and show notes for each episode.


  • Short punchy episodes (Under 15 minutes)
  • Great for finding side hustle ideas (big and small)
  • Large back catalogue to listen to 
  • Case study style of podcast
  • Additional resources available on website

Other comments: 

Whilst no podcast is perfect I will warn you that the advertising on this podcast gets very repetitive due to the short length of the podcast.

Favourite Episode 

1474 : Q&A: How can I increase my conversion rate? – This was a really punchy episode which I found really helpful, and on a subject that most small businesses / side hustles should take a look at.

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  1. Going to give one of these a listen to on my walk today!


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