Expense Review – March 2021

How is it April already!!!! I only just started getting used to writing March as the date at work. With the coming of April it’s time for me to post my March Expenses, and this is the first of what will be many expense reviews (to view all expense review tagged posts click here).

Top 5 Expenses

These charts are from my Income and Expense Tracker click on the image for the link.

There has been no change to the Top 5 Categories from this month to last month.

Our Top 5 Expenses were are no real surprise for us, and are made up of the following items.

  1. Mortgage (Same as last month) = $994.40

Notes: Mortgage is variable, and payments depend on the number of weeks in each month. March was a four week payment month for us.

  1. Food and Alcohol (Decreased by $40 this month compared to last month) = $844.24

Notes: This equates to $27.41 per day in March. We aim for $175 a week or $25 a day so we are a little over.

  1. School Expenses and Pocket Money (Increased $60 this month) = $774.00

Notes: We don’t pay our school fees up front in one payment. This is our choice but there is no benefit for us so instead we pay an amount each fortnight until the the end of June 2021. From July onwards this category should drop off completely. We pay our eldest son pocket money ($1 for how many years old he is). Our youngest doesn’t get pocket money until he is at High School.

  1. Utilities (Increased $60 this month) = $760.61

Notes: This includes our Electricity, Gas, Water, Rates, Internet and Phones. We review these expenses yearly (or more often if we see a better deal). If you want to save money on your electricity feel free to read up on our tips here in our article – 5 simple ways to save money on your electricity bills.

  1. Health and Medical Items (Decreased $150 this month) = $578.60

Notes: This includes all medicine, pharmacy items, private health insurance, doctors/specialists visits, and any pathology/radiology.

Year to Date Comparison

These charts are from my Income and Expense Tracker click on the image for the link.

I’m loving the trend on our expenses at the moment, however I know it’s only short-lived as Easter is just around the corner. This month we spent $5780.38 or $186.48 per day. I’m really happy with our expenses currently and would love to be able to average this kind of figure over 2021.

Other Expense Commentary

These charts are from my Income and Expense Tracker click on the image for the link.

Restaurants, Eating Out and Activities

March was quite a good month in comparison to February, and I’m really surprised as we had a couple of really lovely and expensive dinners (and after works drinks at least twice). The total for the month was $387.22 or $12.49 per day.

Parking and Bus Fare

March was the most expensive month for us with Parking and Bus Fare. That figure will continue to increase as I move jobs in April, however this should be offset by a reduction in petrol costs (fingers crossed).

New Expenses

We had 3 new expense categories added in March including:

  • Discretionary Spending Category = $134.72 (This included bike repairs, and a new sewing machine for me)
  • Pet Supplies = $25.98 (This included a fish net and fish plants for our now deceased pet fish…. sorry fish not sure what happened)
  • Hair and Beauty Expenses = $54.00 (We are not big hair and beauty people so this cost was for two haircuts for the boys)

Changes we’ve made this month

We’ve only changed one thing this month and that is I’ve cancelled my specialised Office product subscription which was costing me just over $9 a month. I’ve managed to get it cheaper through my current employer which is a great work perk.

Changes to expect next month

Next month there will be a few changes when I change jobs and we start renovating again.

Parking and Bus Fare: As mentioned I’ll be buying a bus pass every month for the new job, but I’m hoping to offset this with a reduction in petrol costs.

Afterpay: This category will go up in April with two new camping purchases to make. I know not everyone will agree with using Afterpay or other buy now pay later options, but each to their own (Personal Finance is Personal).

Holiday: We are going camping for Easter so our holiday spending will inevitably increase in April (we are so excited to be going on holiday).

Renovations: We are buying floor tiles in April at a cost of $1500-2000 for the downstairs area, and are hoping to have them laid as well in April (if we can line a contractor up). We are yet to get a quote on the labour costs to getting a contractor to lay the flooring for us. We will be doing all the prep and removal work ourselves to save money. To pay for this we will be dipping into our savings.

Other: Lastly our income will increase in April as my husbands additional teaching contracts start to get paid, and my income will increase by $200 a week once I move to the new job. That said we will be ignoring any increase to our income, and try and limit any lifestyle creep by staying within our budgeted areas.

Notes: I track my Income and Expenses via my tracker available on my Etsy Store Link Here . My Income and Expense Tracker has recently been modified so if you have previously purchased it and would like the new version get in touch and I will send it to you free of charge with proof of purchase.

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