Full List of Pearler Brokerage Free ETF’s

Last month I posted my review on Pearler an online share investment platform (to view the review in full click here). I’ve recently been advised that a link that was posted within it requires you to sign up to Pearler to view so I’m sharing for you here (so you can view without signing up for an account).

One of the big positives of Pearler that I wrote about was the ability to buy a selection of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) without brokerage costs. Pearler have 44 brokerage free ETF’s listed on their site at the time of this post and are brokerage free provided you don’t sell any of them within a year. If you do have to sell you will be subject to brokerage costs.

The full list of the 44 ETF’s (free from brokerage costs) from Pearler at 17th May 2021 are as follows (listed from Most Popular to Least Popular on the site):

ETF TickerETF NameInvestment Company that manages the ETF
QUALMSCI Global Quality (ex-AUS)VanEck
ACDCGlobal Battery Tech & Lithium CompaniesETF Securities
ROBOGlobal Robotics & AutomationETF Securities
ESGIMSCI Global SustainableVanEck
ESPOMVIS Global Video Gaming and eSports ETFVanEck
MVWAussie Large-Caps (equal weight)VanEck
CLNES&P Global Clean Energy ETFVanEck
IMPQBetter Future FundeInvest
FANGNYSE FANG+ CompaniesETF Securities
GOLDPhysical GoldETF Securities
CURES&P US BiotechETF Securities
TECHMorningstar Global Tech Wide MoatETF Securities
ZTAUS&P Aussie 300 DividendsETF Securities
QHALMSCI Global Quality (ex-AUS hedged)VanEck
EMKTMSCI Emerging Markets SharesVanEck
MOATMorningstar US Wide MoatVanEck
GRNVMSCI Aussie SustainableVanEck
CETFFTSE China Top 50VanEck
EIGAAussie DividendseInvest
CNEWChina Growth CompaniesVanEck
MVBAussie Large-Cap BanksVanEck
REITFTSE Global Property (ex-AUS hedged)VanEck
GDXGlobal Gold MinersVanEck
GOATMorningstar World ex AUS ‘Wide Moat’VanEck
NDIAIndia Nifty 50 Large CapsETF Securities
ZYUSS&P 500 US Dividends & Low VolatilityETF Securities
ETPMPMPhysical Precious Metal BasketETF Securities
MVES&P Aussie 50 Mid CapsVanEck
ETPMPDPhysical PalladiumETF Securities
LMASNasdaq 100 Long Hedge FundETF Securities
QSMLMSCI World Small Cap Quality 150 (ex Aus)VanEck
DVDYMorningstar AUS Dividend Yield Focus ETFVanEck
ESTXEurope 50 Large CapsETF Securities
MVAAussie Large Cap PropertyVanEck
MVRAussie Large Cap ResourcesVanEck
MVSAussie Small Cap DividendsVanEck
VLUEMSCI International Value 250 (ex AUS)VanEck
ETPMAGPhysical SilverETF Securities
HLTHMarketGrader Developed Markets (ex-AUS) Health Care ETFVanEck
IFRAFTSE Global Infrastructure (50/50 hedged)VanEck
SNASNasdaq 100 Short Hedge FundETF Securities
EBNDJ P Morgan Emerging Markets Bonds (50/50 hedged)VanEck
ETPMPTPhysical PlatinumETF Securities
SUBDAussie Subordinated BondsVanEck

As you can see I’ve listed the ETF ticker, ETF name and the company that offer the ETF’s. You can use these details to then search online and complete your own research before deciding whether or not to invest.

If you do choose to invest feel free to use my referral code here to get your first trade free (regardless of what you invest in) which is worth $9.50.

Please note: This is just a list of ETF’s that are available brokerage free on Pearler, and it is not a recommendation of what you should invest in. Please ensure you always do your own research before investing.

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Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

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