Airbnb Update – August 2021

Just a quick update on how our Airbnb renovations are going since our last post in June, how much progress we’ve made, and when we estimate we’ll be live on Airbnb for bookings. For all our Airbnb related posts click here.

Eventually the aim is to turn these posts into more detailed monthly posts around the ups and downs of being an Airbnb host (if we ever get there).

So what’s happened since our last post in June?

We’ve been plodding along with our Airbnb renovations and have been focussed on our bathroom/laundry/toilet and the conversion of a linen cupboard into a kitchenette.


Since our last post we’ve demolished the bathroom/laundry/toilet areas. We decided to do all of this work ourselves to save money, and we are fortunate to have the skills to do this. Demolition work included completely removing the shower screen, vanity, toilet, all fittings, fixtures, and tiles.

After demolition we paid a plumber and electrician to complete the first fix of the spaces. This included moving taps, drains, and power points. We also added in an exhaust fan (something this area didn’t have before), and we added a power point behind the mirror. Why a power point behind the mirror you ask? Well let’s just say I fell in love with a touch controlled LED mirror (similar one here for inspiration). It’s a little bit boujee, but I’m hopeful it will really class up this bathroom.

We decided to get contractors in to do the rendering of the walls, waterproofing and the tiling. These are all tasks we’ve previously done ourselves, but we currently lack the time to do this (sometimes it makes more sense financially to get some additional help in). At the time of writing this post we have had the floor tiles glued down, and have our wall tiling started tomorrow. I can’t wait to come home tomorrow to see the progress.

If you would like to see the inspiration behind our Bathroom renovations check out our Pinterest board here.


When we decided to Airbnb our downstairs area we quickly realised we would need to create a kitchenette (mini kitchen) space for guests. We had a few potential spots, but ultimately decided on converting a linen cupboard located under the stairs. We got the inspiration for this from Pinterest.

If you would like to see the inspiration behind our Mini Kitchen renovations check out our Pinterest board here.

Other Renovation Activities

We finally received the plantation shutter order for the downstairs nook in July which was extremely overdue. We are pretty sure they 100% forgot about us….. We ordered it in January 2021 and received it 6 months later (talk about painful). They are super easy to install ourselves, and again this there is a cost saving for us by doing it ourselves.

We also finished installing 5 out of the 6 doors that needed to be replaced.

What Airbnb related renovations are still to be done?

  • Finish the bathroom/laundry.
  • Finish the kitchenette.
  • Put in 1 external door once the bathroom/laundry is completed.
  • Touch up paint the walls.
  • Buy all the items for the kitchen/bathroom/toilet (furnishings).
  • Put in 2 plantation shutters.
  • Put in a new curtain.

How much have we spent to date?

$12,511.36 (Spent up to the end of July 2021)

If you would like to see a bit more detail around our monthly expenses use the link here here. We have a category called renovations.

When are we aiming to start listing our Airbnb?

Originally our plan was to start listing for guests by Spring 2021. However Spring is next month, and we are nowhere near ready for guests. At this stage we are planning to list our space by the end of October 2021.

What does it look like now?

Here are a few current photos of the space.

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