Airbnb Update – November 2021

Just a quick update on how our Airbnb renovations are going since our last post in October, how much progress we’ve made, and when we estimate we’ll be live on Airbnb for bookings. For all our Airbnb related posts click here.

Eventually, the aim is to turn these posts into more detailed monthly posts around the ups and downs of being an Airbnb host (if we ever get there).

So what’s happened since our last post in October?


Since our last post, we have finally installed that pesky towel rack that I didn’t know where to put. Ultimately that decision was made for me as I quickly realised there was only one space it could fit.

We were hoping to have the exhaust fan installed by the electrician in November, however my husband underestimated how busy our electrician would be this time of the year. So by the time he called to lock a date in there was no availability in November. We have a date in early December for this to be completed.

If you would like to see the inspiration behind our Bathroom renovations check out our Pinterest board here.

The Laundry

In November we started installing the laundry cabinets. Putting the IKEA cabinets together was pretty easy, but getting them attached to the wall was a little more difficult. We are installing our cabinets onto a tiled double brick internal wall so getting the fixings right for this was important. We didn’t want to crack the tiles, get the holes in the wrong place, or have issues with the fittings coming out of the wall. My husband purchased a special wet drill bit for the job, and we had a couple of practice runs before doing the real thing. It was very nervewracking but I can happily say we’ve completed the bottom cabinets without any issues.

We still have two overhead cabinets, front kickers, an appliance divider, and side panels to install but we are waiting until the benchtop is installed in December to complete these tasks.

Speaking of benchtops we locked in the benchtop in November, and have paid for this in full ($1800). We settled on white engineered stone with little sparkly flecks in it. Photos below from the display centre.

I believe that we should have the laundry complete by the middle of December (all things going to plan of course), and I can’t wait to do my first laundry load inside the house.

My current laundry situation

Other Renovation Activities

We installed IKEA curtains in the bedroom, and I’m over the moon at how they ended up looking especially given the cost ($100 total). The hardest part about installing the curtains was hemming them which I proudly did myself (and they don’t look horrible). It took us a good 4 hours to complete the hemming and installation.

Our new IKEA curtains

We installed the two remaining grass areas with new grass, and my husband has been carefully tending to them twice a day to ensure they survive the sudden burst of hot weather we’ve had.

I have ordered new cushion covers for our outdoor couches. Our couches and cushions are over 10 years old, and although the hardwood is in good condition the cushions are really weathered and need replacement. I had a lot of issues finding replacement sizes as it turns out our cushions weren’t standard sized. I also had some outrageous quotes for replacement custom covers from a few online companies ($1000+). So in the end I went with a product that is waterproof and stretches to suit most sizes ($160 purchased via eBay see below). I’ve yet to receive these so I can’t comment on if I’ve made a good choice yet (my fingers are crossed).

Whilst shopping at Bunnings in November we stumbled upon a great deal on a cantilevered umbrella for the pool area for $69.95. So we nabbed that, and have ordered a cover for it online via Kogan ($25) to protect it from fading.

The pool area is ready for summer (and hopefully guests)

Lastly, we finished the painting of the outdoor veranda area, and it’s ready for the corner edging strip and lights in December.

Hubby finishing off the veranda painting

What Airbnb related renovations are still to be done?

  • Install Laundry (ETA Dec 2021)
  • Install exhaust fan (ETA Dec 2021)
  • Get plumber to install laundry taps and sink (ETA Dec 2021)
  • Install benchtop (ETA Dec 2021)
  • Repaint the outdoor pavers (ETA Dec 2021)
  • Finish off outdoor veranda (cornice and lights) (ETA Dec 2021)
  • Order in 2 plantation shutters (Can live without these at the moment so will order in early 2022)

How much have we spent to date?

$21,734 (Spent up to the end of October 2021)

This amount includes everything from new flooring throughout all of our downstairs area, new bathroom/laundry/toilet, new doors, new furniture, curtains/plantation shutters, painting, and any outdoor updates required.

If you would like to see a bit more detail around our monthly expenses use the link here. We have a category called renovations.

When are we aiming to start listing our Airbnb?

Originally our plan was to start listing for guests by Spring 2021 (September 2021). However, as you can tell we are not ready for guests. We are tentatively aiming to list on Airbnb in early January 2022.

What does it look like now?

Here are a few current photos of the space.

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