I’ve lost my FIRE mojo…

As midnight passed on the 31st of December 2021 I didn’t feel my usual excitement, or the desire to create a set of goals for 2022.

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In the days leading up to the end of 2021 I saw so many awesome fellow bloggers sharing their 2021 wins and their goals for 2022. I was happy and excited for each of them, and usually this would then inspire me to to write and share my own. But instead I felt no desire to do so, and just figured that the desire to set some goals would come once 2022 rolled around.

I was wrong………..

So here I am sitting here trying to think of anything I want to aim for (and can likely achieve), and I’m coming up with blanks.

Something is wrong and I’ve think I’ve lost my FIRE mojo.

Don’t get me wrong I still want to FIRE but I’m worried about making any goals this year. 2022 just feels so uncertain, and I don’t feel I have a lot of control over what is going to happen this year. This lack of control has left me feeling extremely unmotivated, and searching for ways to get back my motivation back.

So what am I doing about it……..

Well the first thing I’ve done is recognise it and accept how I’m feeling.

Next I’ve done a bit of a google search to find the top ways to get your mojo back, and have cherry picked five that I like best and I’m going to try.

  1. Get a small win: When I read this mojo suggestion it made complete sense to do this. So I’m setting a really small goal for this week which is to print out and set up my 52 week investing challenge for 2022 (link here to free printable). I’m hoping seeing this printable on my fridge ready for my first pay of 2022 will get me feeling a little more motivated to setting some goals.
  2. Physical Activity: I had a bit of an ‘of course’ moment when I read this one, but me without a mojo just didn’t have the capacity to come up with this myself. So this week I’m going to go for a good walk and hopefully feel a little more inspired.
  3. Stay away from Triggers: Another suggestion I kept reading was stay away from negativity, but I decided that staying away from triggers was more tangible. Common triggers for me are not enough sleep, alcohol, and too much screen time so I’ll be avoiding these.
  4. Be Kind to Yourself: I’m going to be super kind to myself during this time, and give myself some extra time to get used to 2022. It’s okay for me to not be operating at 100%, and I’ll get there in my own time.
  5. Look backwards and review your progress: Hubby and I skipped our date night in December as we were just so busy. During our date nights we usually look back at our last sprint’s (month’s) progress and refocus. Reviewing our progress usually gets me motivated for the next sprint. So I’m going to make sure we prioritise it this month.

Anyway I’m hoping that these mojo suggestions are going to have me back to feeling more motivated for 2022 (fingers crossed).

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  1. Sometimes we just need a break! I haven’t made my 2022 plans/goals either. I’m sure the mojo will be back in no time.

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  2. keepinitfrugal says:

    Staying away from triggers and being kind to yourself are both such powerful motivators. We’ve actually been drinking no alcohol beer and bubbles over the festive season. It was great because we could feel like we were socialising (and I LOVE the taste of beer), without the worry.

    Another thing we do is have a family gratitude journal, so at the end of each month we recap all our favourite things that happened or that we achieved. We’ve been doing that for 3 years now, and seeing what we did or how far we’ve come since the year before always puts a smile on our face.

    I hope you find that mojo back soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the journey getting back there too.

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  3. Recognizing small wins does make a lot of difference to get the FIRE mojo. There are months when we do not achieve our savings rate goals and this brings us down. Sometimes we aim unrealistically high, but just knowing that not everyone can save the way we did makes us feel fortunate that we have all the FIRE tools in hand. I think that also ties down to being kind to ourselves.

    Great reminder to start the year right!


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