Interview with Money Flamingo: Slowing Down and Pursuing Passion Projects

First I must start off by saying this interview was a few months ago at the start of 2022. In the interview, I talk about my husband’s and I’s goal of reaching Flamingo FI at the end of 2022.

First off if you’re not following Money Flamingo and the amazing Mrs Flamingo who first coined the term Flamingo FI I encourage you to head on over to their socials and blog and subscribe to their content.

As you know I love following and talking to people in the financial independence community who are treading an alternative FIRE path. Mrs Flamingo uses the Money Flamingo blog platform to focus on the less extreme strategies to achieve financial independence. This includes content on Coast FI, Barista FI and my favourite type of financial independence Flamingo FI.

For those who aren’t familiar with Flamingo FI:

The premise of Flamingo FI is simple: save half the required FIRE nest egg, then semi-retire and let your portfolio compound in the background until you hit your FIRE number. (Source: Money Flamingo)

So why the flamingo reference well according to Mrs Flamingo that’s simple

We stop saving and investing when we have saved 50% of our FIRE number it’s FIRE standing on one leg – like a Flamingo. (Source: Money Flamingo)

This brings me to my own opportunity to be interviewed by Mrs Flamingo from Money Flamingo about my plans to reach Flamingo FI by the end of 2022 and semi-retire. This involves our FIRE portfolio hitting 500k (a very ambitious goal indeed).

In the interview we answer the following questions:

  • Why we have chosen to reach Flamingo FI as our goal in 2022?
  • What are our plans after we hit our goal?
  • How does owning a house form part of our longer-term plan?
  • Do we have any regrets about the sacrifices involved in the early stages of our FIRE journey?
  • What advice would we give someone in the situation you were in when you started your FIRE journey 2.5 years ago (in your 30s and with kids and responsibilities)?

If you are interested in reading more feel free to read the full interview here via Flamingo FI’s website.

I’m will be writing an update shortly on how our Flamingo FIRE goal is tracking this year via the blog and socials shortly so make sure you’re following so you don’t miss it.

Thanks for your support

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