3 scheduled messages you should send your Airbnb guests before they check-in

We’ve now been Airbnb hosts for almost 6 months. In that time we’ve learnt a lot, and so I thought I would start sharing what we’ve learnt in a series of posts. If you want to see all posts relating to Airbnb click here.

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One of the early things we invested time in setting up was our scheduled messages and quick replies. I discovered the scheduled messages function from having a play with the features on the Airbnb platform. It’s proved to be a really handy function for us and reduces the amount of host administration required.

How to find the scheduled messages function?

I like to set up scheduled messages via the desktop Airbnb platform. The UI is much nicer and it’s easier to type, edit and review your messages.

To access the scheduled messages menu follow the steps below:

Adding a new scheduled message

Adding a scheduled message is simple. Once you’ve followed the steps above and navigated to the scheduled messages section of the Airbnb platform simply select the New Message button.

The screen below will now show and allow you to create your first scheduled message.


When creating scheduled messages don’t forget to make use of shortcodes. They are variables that allow you to insert information that you enter in other sections of the Airbnb platform into your messages.

The main benefit of shortcodes is that you can reduce the amount of text you have to include in your scheduled message, and if you update certain details in your listing it will automatically update in your scheduled message (without you editing it). For example: if you update your wifi password in the listing details section, and have this shortcode in one of your scheduled messages it will automatically update when the message is automatically sent to the next guest.

What scheduled messages do we send?

Getting the right balance between good host communication and spamming your guests is tricky.

We have opted to create 3 scheduled messages before check-in, and feedback from guests has been positive. One of the messages will not send to the guest if they book with us less than a week out.

Below I’ve provided a copy of our scheduled messages which you are more than welcome to use and edit. The italic text within the brackets indicates that we use a [shortcode] to provide this information to the guest. If you do use shortcodes just make sure that you complete the section of the listing details where this information is kept (otherwise it will be sent to the guest with no details).

Scheduled Message 1: Immediately after Guest booking is confirmed

Hi [guest first name],

Thank you for booking [Listing Name]. We are looking forward to hosting you.

Please let us know if you have any special requests or needs during your stay.

I’m sure you’re keen to enjoy the nearby sights whilst you are staying with us. So we have created a guidebook with all our favourite and recommended local favourites here [guidebook].

Prior to your check-in, you will receive a message with instructions to assist you in finding the location, and code for the key safe.

Thank you so much for your booking

[primary Host first name]

Scheduled Message 2: One week before Check-In (if the guest books less than a week out then they won’t receive this scheduled message)

Hi [guest first name],

We are excited to host you in a week’s time.

Please make sure you have read through the listing, amenities and all details in full before your stay to confirm it meets your needs and expectations.

If you haven’t already seen our personalised guidebook I recommend you have a look so you can plan out any activities, and make any restaurant bookings early – link to guidebook here [guidebook].

Just a reminder that check-in time is anytime [check-in time]. I will forward all check-in instructions and directions on the day of your stay.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

[primary Host first name]

Scheduled Message 3: Day of Check-In

Good Morning [guest first name],

Your getaway to [city] is here!!!!!

Check-in is anytime after [check-in time].

The address is [address].



A comprehensive Guest Manual is provided on the dining table as you walk in. An online version is also available here [house manual]. This manual details how to use certain areas of the space, check out instructions, and will help you get the most out of your stay with us.

Free WiFi is provided during your stay with the following details:

[Wi-Fi name]

[Wi-Fi password]

If there is anything else you need during your stay, including recommendations, directions, or anything else, just let us know. We are only too happy to help.


[primary Host first name]

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