About Us

We are Frank on FIRE and we are here to share our journey towards Financial Independence

We are a family of four living in Australia who first discovered the term FIRE after listening to the audiobook ‘Playing with FIRE’ by Scott Rieckens.

It was life changing for me, and so I naturally shared my excitement with my husband who not unlike Scott’s wife in the book wasn’t as impressed as I was (and needed a little convincing).

After a bumpy start in 2019 we found our rhythm in 2020 and have invested our first 100k in 17 months. In 2021 we are continuing to invest and work towards financial independence by investing 60% of our income.

We’ve gone from not knowing what an ETF is to confidently plotting our course and investing during a recession.

I assure you the road hasn’t all been easy, or smooth sailing but I’m here to share the highs and lows on this blog with you.

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