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Reduce your subscriptions (and save money) by doing a ‘Scream Test’

Last month as I completed our monthly expense review I noticed that our monthly entertainment subscriptions had gotten a little out of hand. I noticed that we were now paying for Netflix, Spotify, Prime, and Apple TV (almost $50 a month). I was a little stunned at how normal these expenses had become and decidedContinue reading “Reduce your subscriptions (and save money) by doing a ‘Scream Test’”

Crustless Quiche

I’m sharing another one of my budget go-to recipes this time it’s a crustless quiche. I love crustless quiche because my husband is gluten and lactose intolerant, and frozen pastry that matches his dietary needs is expensive for us (so we simply avoid recipes that use it). I also love quiche because it’s a greatContinue reading “Crustless Quiche”

Expense Review – May 2021

My My how time flies…….. May has been an uneventful month for us. We finally booked the flights for our family holiday this year (fingers crossed the borders stay open). We also plodded along with our renovations, which continue to take a large amount of our money (and our time). To view all previous expenseContinue reading “Expense Review – May 2021”


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