FI Blogs

I love reading and finding new blogs and accounts within the FIRE community. I will continue to add more accounts I love and follow along the way

Want to find other Financial Independence blogs then look no further

I believe that connecting and following other FI accounts has been an important part of our journey to reaching Financial Independence. FIRE is not a path well understood by most, and I believe it’s important to stay connected to those who have stood and walked where you have.

Where it all started

Scott Rieckens – Playing With Fire

My Favourite Australian Financial Independence Blogs

Money Flamingo

Family Finance


Frugality and Freedom

Keepin’ It Frugal

Aussie Firebug

My Favourite International Financial Independence Blogs

The Fioneers

Our Rich Journey (YouTube)


Mad Fientist

Mr Money Mustache

FIRE Your Own Way

Free Calculators I love

Money Flamingo’s Semi-Retirement Calculator

Aussie Firebug FI Calculator

The Fioneers – CoastFI Calculator

I’m always keen to read more blogs. If you have a blog feel free to comment, follow or get in touch.